From time immemorial the world has been finding inspiration and guidance in India’s values, arts, sciences, wisdom and way of life. The Vijnana Kala Vedi Centre started with a true intention of sharing the greatness of Indian culture with any “trans-cultural explorers”.


After 32 years of growing success, Vijnana Kalavedi cultural centre will be closing on the 25th of August 2009.

We hope that those who wish to offer a similar opportunity to the citizens of the world, inspired by our experience, will do it in all sincerity and genuineness, “not as a business”.

It is the responsibility of the people who wish to get an exposure to Indian culture to distinguish the ability & authenticity of such Institutions.

To all those who contributed their share to this Institution,
Those who gave their talents, their hard work, their heart,
To all the teachers, the staff, the students from all over the world, with their enthusiasm and sense of wonder,
To the Government of India and Kerala which gave their support and

To my friends from abroad and from India who gave their expertise and Love,
To all the members of this wonderful and friendly land,
To Mother India who allowed me to be here for such a long time, (the best part of my life!)
On this blessed land where the greatest Sages of humanity dwell,
  I express my gratitude,  
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