VKV continues to be a fertile environment for preserving, teaching and celebrating Keralan arts culture. Thank you Louba for making your vision a reality 30 years ago. Happy 30th anniversary! Also a warm thanks to Bala, Diviya and all the staff and  

teachers for patiently helping us to vigorously experience Keralan culture. We will take with us an enriched knowledge and memories of our time here and hope to leave in return our sincere appreciation and encouragement for your continued mission.

Leah Hardy
Associate Professor of Art
University of Wyoming
United States
For years, I have hoped for a visit to India, but my stay at VKV has been quite different – in the best possible way – from a typical tourist trip. It has provided a tantalizing glimpse of the mysteries of yoga, of the beautiful countryside, and of charm and friendliness of the local people. It is such a good idea to combine education and culture to appeal to people from all backgrounds – the diversity of visitors has been fascinating too.
Thank you very much.
Isobel Scott-Clarke
Housewife & Craftswoman
United Kingdom
March 2008

I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay at VKV. To start with my teachers, Padmadas has inspired me so much about language learning. Swami has enlightened me so much about yoga practice and philosophy, also, Nisha and Santhosh have been two great teachers to me.

Of course, my gratitude also goes to the wonderful staff at VKV and the great and friendly fellow students I have met.

In addition, volunteering to teach English at Marthoma High School has been a great source of excitement, learning and inspiration for me.
I’m feeling so much gratitude and joy about my stay here that I don’t know how to end this. So here with a smile.
Om Shanti

Benson Hoi
IT in finance
United Kingdom
August 2008
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